How to Share a Document Camera

This article describes how you can use your Document Camera within Coviu.

A document camera can be handy for those customers who need to share hard copy resources with their clients or perhaps their colleagues. These days, many document cameras can also double as web cams.

To use your document camera in Coviu, follow these instructions:

  1. When you are in your call with your client, click on the Tools+ button located toward the top right of your call screen.
  2. Scroll down the resulting menu until you come to the Share document camera option and click it.
  3. You will be prompted with a Choose which camera you'd like to share message. Choose the relevant camera.
    Document Camera Share
  4. The camera view will display in the share window.
  5. If you need, you can capture an image via the snapshot feature.Camera Snapshot

Medical Devices

    If you are a health professional, you might find that some medical devices are actually just USB video cameras and can be used in Coviu without further change. Plug your camera into your computer via the USB port. Then use the Tools+ button and select the Share document camera feature to bring the medical device video into your conversation. This feature is only available on the Coviu Clinic plan.

    allows for the use of a document camera within calls. To access the document camera tool in a call, you'll need to go to the top right corner of your Coviu call - you will see a Tools button.


    Video Tutorial

    Here is a Video Tutorial of How to use a Document Camera with Coviu: