Stuck at "Restart Camera"?

Several reasons your browser may not be able to access your camera

When first you enter into a Coviu room or call, your web browser (we currently recommend Google Chrome), will check to make sure you actually want to let your camera and microphone to switch on. This is a built in feature to make sure no one is trying to use your camera or microphone without your knowledge. The default is always to block these from switching on unless you specifically say it's okay.



Coviu is helpful in pointing out that you need to hit the "allow" button to enable Coviu to work. The above image shows what that looks like in Google Chrome - it looks differently in Firefox and other browsers.

Now, if you accidentally hit "Block", the browser disallows camera and microphone access and you will not be able to use Coviu, since we expect to at least have access to your microphone. This is what that looks like:



This is, incidentally, also what happens if your computer or device has neither audio or video (it's increasingly rare, but it still happens).

In order to use Coviu with your camera and microphone, both permissions will need to be set to 'allow'. How to do this will change depending on your browser. Below is an image depicting how to do it on a current version of Google Chrome. Other browsers such as Firefox and Safari may have other methods.


Do you still need to access a call with no microphone or camera?

If your computer does not have a camera or microphone, you will not be able to properly participate in a meeting. However, for the occasional situation where that may be necessary, we have provided a manual fix: add "?no-media=true" to the end of the Coviu room URL and you will be able to enter. We do not recommend this for general use.