How to use the in-call YouTube Video Player

This article explains how to share YouTube videos with your client using the YouTube Video Player in-call resource tool.

Last Updated: March 2021

NOTE: If you are on a custom Enterprise plan, please speak to your Coviu account representative about having this tool added to your account.

NOTE: To add this tool to your Coviu account, you must be a Coviu account administrator. 


The YouTube Video Player add-on will allow you to share a YouTube video with a client or patient. Perhaps it is a video showing a correct exercise technique? Or perhaps it is nutritional advice? Whatever your choice, the YouTube Video Player add-on is a great option for sharing such resources.

Firstly, you will need to add the YouTube Video Player to your account. The player is available for download from our Add-ons Marketplace.

NOTE: At present, you will need to use the long URL for playing YouTube videos. You will find this in the URL field at the top of your browser. You can't use the short URL that is provided in the Share option at the bottom of the video.

  1. Firstly, copy the URL of the video you want to share. Copy the URL from the search bar, not the SHARE button.Video URL copy
  2. Enter your call on Coviu and click the green Tools+ button to access the player.Call tools
  3. Find the YouTube Player tool and click on it.YouTube Player tool
  4. Paste the video link into the Video URL field and click Embed Video.Video Embedding
  5. The video will take a moment to load at your clients end. Once loaded, you can click Play. If your client has clicked elsewhere in the video to review something you may click Sync video and it will place the guest's video back in line with yours.Sync Video

Troubleshooting tips

My link won't work:

In order for the link to work it needs to be a full YouTube link from the URL bar rather than the shortened Share button link. The link must also be from YouTube rather than another video sharing platform.

The video won't load for me:

We do our best to make sure everything works smoothly. If this isn't the case please contact right away so we can investigate why it may not be working.

My YouTube add-on has stopped working but was working:

This most commonly occurs if more than one YouTube link share tool has been opened in a call. When more than one exists the add-on will stop working. To resolve this close all of the YouTube add-ons and open a fresh one within the call. We will provide multi-video support in the future.

My clients video is not running in time with mine:

There are many variables that can affect data transmission over the internet, especially data in the form of video. To that end, it is possible for your video to become 'out of sync' with your clients end. Use the Sync video button to bring them back into alignment.







*The link must be the full URL. Currently using the shortened 'share' button link isn't supported. 

Here is an example of a youtube link URL which will work:

And here is the 'share' button link which currently won't be recognised: