Welcome to the video share tool

Find out all about how you can upload your Mp4 files and watch them with your guests.

The video add-on will allow you to use any Mp4 files from your computer which you can watch with other people in your call.

This add-on works by first transferring the file to your guests and then allowing each of you to simultaneously watch these videos. If you are playing large files this can take time so you may wish to use the youtube tool instead. 


When you have your Mp4 file ready follow the instructions below to use the tool and watch videos with your call guests. 


1) Enter your call on Coviu and add a 'tool' using the green add tool button.

2) Find the youtube tool and click on it.

3) Locate the file you would like to view.

4) You will immediately view your file. However you will need to wait for the client to fully load the file before you may co-view it. Be wary that large file sizes may take a long time to transfer. 

If you run into any difficulties please contact us at support@coviu.com so we can further assist you.


Note: this add-on currently only supports Mp4 file types for play. You may require a file converter if you are using alternative file types.