Your Coviu Meeting Room

This article describes the Coviu Meeting Room, what you might use a Meeting Room for and how you invite a colleague, client or patient to a Meeting Room.

Last Updated: Sept 2022


  • This workflow function applies to all Coviu plans however your organisation may have a preferred method for conducting a consultation with your client or patient. We recommend consulting with your account administrator or owner or your Telehealth Coordinator to see if there are any other local processes that should be followed.
  • How many meeting Rooms can I have?
    • Essentials Plan - 1 Meeting Room
    • Standard Plan - 2 Meeting Rooms
    • Premium Plan - No limitation
    • Enterprise Plans - No limitation
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On this page:

  1. What are Meeting Rooms?
  2. How to invite a client or patient into your User Room
  3. More support options

What are Meeting Rooms?

Your Coviu account will come with one or more Meeting Rooms. See our notes above to check each plan and what is available.

A Coviu Meeting Room is no different to a meeting room you might find in a brick and mortar clinic, it's just a virtual representation of such a room. You can even share a whiteboard, share a screen or transfer documents between participants in a Coviu meeting room.

There are no technical limitations on who you can invite to your Meeting Room e.g. a colleague or a patient. However, your organisation might have a preferred method for meeting with a client or patient, so check that out in the first instance.

The below is an example of a list of Meeting Rooms in one of our Premium Plans:

How to invite a colleague, client or patient into your room

Inviting someone to a Meeting Room is easy! The below instructions show you how to send an email invitation from the platform:

  1. Log into your account as you normally would.

  2. Click on the name of the Meeting Room from the left side menu.

  3. Click on Send Invitation.

  4. In the dialogue box that is presented:

    1. Type in the email address(es) of the recipient(s).

      1. Use a comma to separate multiple email addresses.
    2. Add a title for the appointment.

    3. You can also add in a message to your participants.

    4. If you would like to send the invitation for a specific time you can do so by clicking the Yes option as per below.

  5. Finally, click Send.

  6. The email your participants receive will look similar to this:

  7. The client simply clicks the Join the call button.

  8. If your client requires more information on how to get Telehealth-ready please direct them to our Patient information page.

  9. When you are expecting them to join, click Enter User Room and Accept them into your Room using the Call Manager.

More support options

You have completed another Coviu help article. You now know more about the Coviu Meeting Rooms.

If this is not what you were looking for, explore our knowledge base and search for another article from here.

If you still require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Customer Success team using any of the contact methods available here.