One of our add-on resources is called "Interactive Objects". That's a pretty cryptic name for something quite simple actually. If you come up with a better name, let us know and we'll change it.

Imagine a boardgame where you put down the board and then some pieces on top that you can move. Well, that's an interactive object: a background image with a set of images that you can drag and drop on top of that background image.

So that's what "Interactive Objects" is: a custom puzzle put together from a background image and a set of foreground images.

As you hit the "Create game" button, the puzzle is created:

You can now drag the snake, kangaroo and koala around on top of the background image.

Here's a custom example we built from "Interactive Objects": a chess game.


To activate the "Interactive Objects" add-on to your Coviu account, Please follow these instructions 

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