Changing your default phone number prefix in Coviu

Coviu uses your local device settings to pre-fill any phone number entry fields with an international phone number prefix. This article will show you some ways to change the default phone prefix.

Last Updated: May 2021

Some interfaces on the Coviu platform will ask you to enter a phone number. This could be for sending an invitation to a client or patient, or setting up the SMS alerts for the Waiting Area on our Standard and Premium plans.

When sending out an SMS invitation, e.g. from the Waiting Area or from within the Call Manager, you may change the phone number international prefix depending on where you are sending the SMS.

Most of the time, this will simply be to a domestic phone number but you may wish to send to a client in another country.

To allow for this, you may change the prefix from the default, to one from a list of countries.

The example below shows the option of sending the Waiting Area URL via an SMS and then choosing the relevant country code: 

Phone numebr prefix selection

However, the default country code is chosen from your local device settings, either Windows or Mac. Some devices will set this automatically and some require a manual change, this depends on the device.

If the default phone number prefix in Coviu does not match your local area, then you may need to change the setting on your device.

Here are a few of the most common operating systems and instructions on how to do so.

On macOS:

To check your location is set correctly on Mac osX, you may do so from the Date & Time settings seen below (pictured is osX 11.2)

Data and Time configuration

Click on the Date & Time icon. If your location and time zone is not correct, then uncheck 'Set time zone automatically' and unlock the settings at the bottom. From there you may change your time and date settings.

Setting automatic timezone

From there you may save your changes and refresh your Coviu window. The default prefix will now change to your selected time zone.

On Windows 10

  1. Use the Search bar at bottom left of your screen and search for Settings
  2. Open the Settings App and click on Time & LanguageTime and Language setting
  3. Click the Region option on the left side menu
  4. Check your Country or region setting is correct and change if needs beSetting country/region


If you have further questions, please reach out to us using the contact options available here.