Using the Call Manager

This article explains the function of the Call Manager and how to use it when you are in a call.

Last Updated: Jan 2021

Once you enter into a Coviu call, you will be in the Call Interface. To access the Call Manager, head to the bottom right corner of the interface - you’ll see a button showing 3 people. Click on it to access the Call Manager. 


Call manager button

Here you will see if there are any call participants who are ‘waiting to join’, and ‘current participants’.

Adding Participants to your Call

If you scroll down, you’ll see ‘call actions’ - here you can invite participants to the call. To invite a participant, click ‘Invite participant’ and then enter the participants name. Select the box for ‘Send email invitation’ to email them an invitation - here you can enter their email address, and you can personalise a message. 


Participant Invitation


Author: LS