Consent Form - Configurable

This article describes how your clinic Administrator can add a consent form with custom content to your call workflow

Last Updated: July 2021


This configurable consent form allows you to add text only to the consent form when your client or patient enters the call. Your guest must agree before being able to access the call itself. With this form, you are able to change the existing text to suit your own requirements.



  • To implement this option, you must be a Coviu system Administrator.
  • The add-on can be downloaded from our Add-ons Marketplace.
  • For our Enterprise plan users, please speak to your Telehealth Coordinator or your Coviu Account Administrator to have this option added.

How it works

  1. When activated, any guest entering the call will be presented with the consent form.
  2. In order to proceed into the call itself, the guest must click 'I consent'
  3. (If they accept) They will proceed into the call entry flow.
  4. (If they do not accept) They will be not be able to proceed.

Configuring your form

Follow these steps to configure your form:

  1. Click Add-ons in the left hand menu.
  2. Click Configure next to the Consent Form - Configurable option.Consent Configuration
  3. In the resulting screen, add your text in the box. This is text only. No graphics or hyperlinks.
  4. Click the Enable Data Storage option if you wish to save a record of it.Consent data storage


Important Note

It is important to note that if the Enable Data Storage option is not ticked, then this consent form does not keep a record of the consents that have been given. Rather, it relies on a principle of implicit consent - if this add-on has been activated and the guest has arrived in the call, then it is presumed that they have consented.