Enterprise - Waiting Music and Audio Announcements for Incoming Callers

For Organisation Administrators and Team Administrators

Waiting Music:

Is Frank Sinatra not the right music choice for your practice? You can now select your preferred default waiting room music style.

Simply log into your account, select the clinic, click 'Configure' and then the far right tab called 'Waiting Music'. You can then select from a range of styles such as pop, classical and country.


Configure Waiting Music


If the patient in the waiting room prefers to listen to something other than what you have selected, they can simply click the 'Not your style? Choose an alternate playlist' button.

For more details, click here .


Audio Announcements:

You can also create audio announcements for when incoming callers arrive in your waiting room. 

To do this, enter into your clinic, click 'configure' then click 'Waiting Music'. Scroll down and you will see 'Audio Announcements'

Select 'Add Announcement' and navigate to your saved MP3 file. Click 'Open' to upload it. You can then name the announcement and set the time delay. Don't forget to click 'Save'.


Audio Announcement Menu