Guide to Coviu Link Integration


  • Practitioner needs a Coviu account
  • Practitioner needs to sign into Coviu account
  • The Coviu customer has an established workflow, where patients are currently directed to

Clinic plan: Waiting Area (strongly recommended for GPs / multi clinician practices)

Professional or Starter plans: Reception Room link, or User Room links


  • Each Coviu customer has a unique domain in the form [practice_name]
  • “Rooms” are virtual meeting places in Coviu, much like physical rooms.

If you are on a Starter or Professional plan, you get a single shared room, which is

called "Reception". This is a buffer room that you can use if you don't want people to

directly access the clinician rooms - just like in real life. It requires a user licence.

On the Clinic plan, you can set up as many shared rooms as you need by simply

clicking on "+ Create Room" in the dashboard. You will also have a Waiting Area.

  • Clinicians can enter a shared room without permission, just like a physical room.
  • Patients need to be admitted to any room

High Level Workflows

  • All Coviu customers have a subdomain of the form {name}
  • Coviu customers have a defined workflow, where patients are directed to virtual room links

Coviu Link Integration

Patient Experience

The partner needs to send the patient the appropriate Coviu link to join the video call

Coviu Call Invitation

They will then be prompted to provide camera and microphone access if that is the first time that they use Coviu.

Coviu Access Allowance

The patient will then be prompted to enter their details:

Coviu Reception Waiting Area Detail Entry

Once that is done, the patient will be taken to the waiting area, until they are accepted into a session.

Coviu Reception Waiting Area

Practitioner Experience

The practitioner needs to be sent to Coviu in order to collect the incoming patient, for example using a link in a practice management system:

Coviu Patient Collection

The practitioner needs to be able to log into Coviu

Coviu Signin

Dashboard / Waiting Area (Waiting Area from Clinic Plan shown here)

Enter relevant Room, and patient will show up in Call Manager

Coviu Call Management

Practice Setup Experience

The practice needs to be able to communicate the destination url for patients, either for each clinician (unique link per clinician), or for the entire practice (a single common link)