How to Add Widgets to a Shared Resource

This article describes how to add widgets to a shared resource, such as an image, PDF, screen-share or whiteboard.

Last Updated: May 2024

On this page:

  1. What are widgets and their purpose?
  2. How to add widgets to a shared resource
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What are widgets and their purpose?

Widgets are interactive tools you can add to a shared resource on your video call, such as an image, PDF, screen-share or whiteboard. You can add animated spinners and dice to a shared resource with the state of the widgets being synchronised on the video call. More widgets will be added in the future as Coviu continues to develop.

Widgets are designed to boost engagement in therapeutic assessments and interventions, making sessions more interactive and enjoyable. While they are perfect for enhancing teletherapy sessions with younger clients or patients, their utility extends to many other health-related interactions.

Whether for educational purposes, cognitive assessments or just making a routine check-up more engaging for children, our widgets add a layer of interaction that can help reduce anxiety and improve client or patient cooperation. Embrace a more dynamic and effective way to conduct your health sessions with our latest digital enhancements!

How to add widgets to a shared resource

  1. Log in to your Coviu account as you normally would.
  2. Enter the call with your client or patient.
  3. Click Apps & Tools+ on the bottom right corner of the call interface.
  4. Click and open any of the following:
    1. Share an image or PDF
    2. Start a screenshare
    3. Add a whiteboard
  5. Click the Add Widget button on the right side of the Annotations Toolbar.
  6. Choose and click the widget you wish to add to the shared resource.
  7. You can drag the widget slowly to move it around the shared resource.
  8. Each widget can be managed and configured independently:
    1. Lock: Click the lock icon to make the widget non-interactable by your client or patient. The widget will still be visible to all call participants.

    2. Hide: Click the eye icon to hide the widget from your client or patient. It should look transparent on your screen.

    3. Configure: Click the cog icon to configure the widget:

      • Spinner: You can change the number of segments from 2 to 20.

      • Dice: You can change the number of dice from 1 to 6 and the colour to black, blue, red or white.

    4. Delete: Click the bin icon to remove the remove the widget.


  • There are no limits on the number of widgets that can be added and they are not tied to the shared resource, meaning you can change resources and the widgets will persist.
  • For Spinner widgets, click the centre circle to spin it. Tapping the centre circle multiple times will make it spin faster. You do not need to wait for it to stop to start spinning again.
  • For Dice widgets, click anywhere on the dice to roll them.

More support options

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