How to Navigate your Rooms

The different types of rooms Coviu provides

Coviu customers receive two different types of "rooms" in Coviu - this is to better help you and your colleagues to work together similar to how you would work in a brick and mortar clinic.

User Rooms

Each signed up user receives their own exclusive video room, which is listed under the heading "User Rooms". This room is like their office / consultation room and only they are allowed to hold video calls in it.

People often use the link to this room in their email signature to signify it's where they may be reached.

Meeting Rooms

In addition to member rooms, all team members also have access to the "Shared Rooms" of the team. These rooms are meeting rooms that any team member can use.

If you are on a Starter plans, you get a single shared room, which is called "Reception". This is a buffer room that you can use if you don't want people to directly access the clinician rooms - just like in real life.

On the Professional or Clinic plans, you get another shared room, which is called "Team Meeting". We provide this because we know that often team members need to catch up with each other online - particularly in a multi-location clinic. This room provides a common catch-up room.

On the Clinic plan, we've made it even more flexible for you. Here, you can set up as many shared rooms as you need by simply clicking on "+ Create Room" in the team dashboard. You will also have a Waiting Area, which you can find out more in our Clinic FAQ Section.

You can, for example, set up a dedicated meeting room for every client. It provides personalisation when the URL that they are invited to contains their name and they always see you at the same location. This is also useful when their standard clinician is sick and another clinician has to jump in - if they always meet in a shared room, you don't need to change their appointment booking at all.

Another approach is to set up a shared room to represent every physical treatment room you have - so you can book a physical and virtual room together.

How shared rooms work best for you depends on how you run your practice. Talk to us to discuss your specific situation at