How to Select a Coviu Plan

This help article describes the steps to select a plan and activate your Coviu subscription.

Last Updated: November 2022

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  1. How do I select a plan if I am on a trial?
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How do I select a plan if I am on a trial?


  • If you have not yet started your Coviu trial, learn more here.
  • If you are still trialling with us, your trial plan resembles all the bundled features set offered with the Standard plan. You can also review our plans and pricing here.
  1. Towards the end of your trial, you will be prompted to select a plan you wish to activate. If you feel unsure of what plan to choose, you can use one of our contact methods listed here to talk to us.
  2. If you know which plan you would like to use, then follow the steps below:
    1. After signing into your Coviu account, click Billing & plan on the left side menu of the Dashboard.
    2. Click Select Plan under the relevant plan you are interested to subscribe. You can also toggle between Annual or Monthly Billing by clicking the switch in the upper right corner.
      How to Reactivate Your Coviu Subscription 1-1
    3. Scroll down to review the total cost of the selected plan. This step and the resulting summary will show you how much your subscription will cost.
      How to Select a Coviu Plan
    4. Enter your payment details:
      1. Enter your First name and Last name.
      2. Enter the Card number, CVV, Expiry month and Expiry year.
      3. Add your Referral Code (if you have received one from an existing Coviu user).
        How to Select a Coviu Plan 1
    5. Enter your billing address and postal address. If your postal address is different from your billing address, you can uncheck the Same as billing address checkbox under Postal address and enter your postal address.
      How to Select a Coviu Plan 2
    6. Click Confirm And Pay and follow the prompts to activate your subscription. The price may be listed in either AUD or USD based on either your location or preference.
      How to Select a Coviu Plan 3

How do I change my plan?

Please follow the instructions in the following article: How to Change My Coviu Plan.

More support options

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