How to Select Your Plan

This help article describes how to select a Coviu plan that suits you and your needs.

Last Updated: April 2022

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  1. How do I select a plan if I am on a 2-week trial?
  2. How do I change my plan?
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How do I select a plan if I am on a 2-week trial?

  1. If you are still trialing with us, you will have access to a plan that allows you test all Coviu features. It resembles our Premium plan. You can view a comparison of our three plans by clicking here.
  2. Towards the end of your trial, you will be prompted to choose a plan. If you are unsure of what plan to choose, you can use one of our contact methods available here to chat with us.
  3. If you know which plan you would like to choose, then follow the steps below:
    1. Click Billing & plan in the left hand menu.
    2. Click Select Plan under the relevant plan. Note the Annual/Monthly Billing toggle on the top right hand side.
    3. Scroll down to review the total cost of the chosen plan. This step and the resulting table will show you how much your plan will cost either monthly or annually.
      How to Change My Coviu Plan 2
    4. Enter your Credit Card details:
      1. Enter your First Name and Last Name.
      2. Enter the Card Number, CVV and Expiry Date.
      3. Add your Postcode and choose your Country.
        Payment method collection
    5. Click the Confirm And Pay button and follow the prompts from there.

          How do I change my plan?

          Please see the support instructions for changing your Coviu plan in the below Article:
          How to Change my Coviu Plan

          More support options

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