How to use Script Concierge by Chemist 2U in Coviu

The Coviu and Chemist2U ScriptConcierge add-on allows for the fast delivery of medication from a network of over 100 local community pharmacies across Australia.

Last updated: Nov 2020


What this partnership means for you:

  • A convenient script fulfilment solution in under 30secs
  • No more searching for pharmacy fax numbers
  • No more faxing and then mailing to pharmacy
  • Their network of pharmacy partners dispense and deliver the medication
  • Compete with emerging digital platforms who are luring your patients away with instant online scripts and instant consultations
  • Script Concierge comes at no cost to your practice
  • There is no need to make an account - simply install and start sending scripts immediately! 

How it Works

  1. Install the Script Concierge add-on from the Coviu Marketplace.
  2. When you are in the Coviu telehealth consultation with your Patient, click on the medical case icon near to the Tools + button. The Chemist2U add-on will open up on the right-hand side of the screen.

    Chemist 2U step 2
  3. Enter the patient's postcode.

    This will give an indication of the available delivery timeframe for this prescription.

    Script Concierge partners with a growing network of over 100 local community pharmacies Australia wide.

    If same-day delivery is not available from a pharmacy in the patient's local area, then the medication will be delivered via express post.

    To check delivery options for another postcode click the X button to the right and enter a new postcode.
  4. Enter your patient's details including:
    1. Full name.
    2. Mobile number (for SMS message).
    3. Is the patient a concession card holder?
    4. Is generic substitution ok?
  5. Upload the Script/s
    Chemist 2U - uploading a script
    Choose a file that is saved to your device. File formats accepted are:
    1. PDF
    2. .jpg
    3. .png image files.
    4. To add more files simply click Attach Script again for each file.
  6. Complete the order.
    Once all of the necessary scripts have been uploaded, click the Submit Scripts button. At this point, the script will be reviewed by a Chemist2U dispensary technician and the patient will receive the following SMS to complete their order.