Coviu Drag and Drop Interactive Game

This article explains how to use the Drag and Drop interactive game

Last Updated: Feb 2021


This add-on is available for free from the Coviu Marketplace for our Starter, Professional and Clinic plans or, if your Organisation has implemented one of our customised Enterprise accounts, it may already be available from the Tools button menu when in a call. If not, you should speak to your Telehealth support officer in the first instance to request it to be added.


The Drag and Drop interactive game is a simple but effective tool for allowing practitioners to interact with the clients. You can create your own game with some simple images from your own computer. Maybe some photos you have taken or drawings?

TIP: If you plan on using this tool in a consultation, I recommend having your images stored in an easily accessible folder either on your local drive or a shared drive. Because we do not save any data during a call, the images you upload do not remain as a game for your next consultation.

Steps to use the game:

  1. Log in to Coviu as you normally would and enter the call.
  2. Click the Tools+ button and then click Drag and Drop Game from the menu. Drag and Drop game
  3. Click the Choose Files button and upload your first image which should be your background e.g. a photo or drawing of an outback landscape.  TIP: Make this image a perfect square to avoid distortion.
  4. Click the Choose Files button to add any further images you wish to add e.g. an image of a koala, a kangaroo or a wombat. These are your top level images so make sure they are relevant to the background.
  5. Once you have all your images, click the Create Game button.Create a game
  6. At this point, you can hand control of the placement of the pieces to your client.

Don't forget, this game does not save in your Coviu account and you will need to upload the images each time.


TIP: If you are handy with image creation tools, create a bank of image resources to have on hand. Or perhaps speak to your marketing team or graphic designer to create some images for you.