Room links and Session links

This article explains the difference between a User Room link and a Session link, and which one best suits my workflow?

Room links and Session links are the two choices of link type that you can use to invite your guests. Below will be an explanation of each and where you will find them to help you decide when to use one or another. 

Room links: Are like your phone number or Address. Giving this out to someone let's them know where to find you. Clicking on a room link will take the guest to your room where they will wait until you let them in from the call manager. In order to receive someone to your room you must be in there waiting to let them in.

This is an example of a room link:

You'll notice the clinic name followed by then a label as it being a room and then the room owners name. 

This is an all purpose link which you can use on your website, on a card, in an email invitation or any other way you want your clients to get to you. 

Be wary however that users can call in when ever they want. Similar to how in a clinic you can't stop people from entering your waiting room. However don't worry. They can't enter your clinic room unless you let them in and after you have picked up one person further 'knocking' in the call manager is muted.

Room links are available on all plan types.

Session links: Are special one time use links that only exist for the period of time you have designated. Before and after the scheduled time the link remains inaccessible. 

The session links are available for professional and higher plan types. You can use them by scheduling a session with the scheduler or with your Halaxy integration. 

Before a session link opens you may not enter it, however once you are in the room the session won't end as long as you are inside, even if you go over time. We have also built in a buffer period incase of running behind schedule.


This is an example of a session link:

You can identify it by its unique string of letters and numbers. 

Each link type has its own value, whether you want absolute freedom or a timed schedule, the choice is yours.




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