Finishing a call

You've just held a call in your room and the end of the call is nearing. How you hang up depends on what you want to do next.

Here's a quick video explaining the different ways to finish a call. 

There are also detailed instructions with pictures below. 


1/ "I have to run - continue without me."

When you just want to excuse yourself from the call (useful if the call is a meeting), you can click the red hang up button and then click Leave call in the next message.



This will let the call continue, even if it is taking place in your personal User Room. It's like leaving your office behind for others to finalize a meeting. Once they leave, however, they won't be able to get back in.

2/ "Thanks - I'll see you next week."

You want to finish the consultation and be able to take the next caller. In this case, you hang up with the red button and click End call.



This will hang up the connection for all participants in the call ad you can pick up your next client or patient from the Waiting Area. If you would like to start a new call without leaving the room, please click Start a new Call.

Other ways to leave the room

There are other ways to leave the room, e.g. close your laptop lid, Internet issues, your browser crashes, your computer crashes, or you are closing down the tab that the consultation is being held in.

In all these circumstances, Coviu assumes you've left accidentally, so it leaves everyone else in the room and you can rejoin when ready.