Ending a call

This article describes the different ways you can end a call. How you hang up depends on your organisations workflow.

Last updated: June 2021


Here's a quick video explaining the different ways to end a call. 

There are also detailed instructions in the video and pictures below. 


Ending the Call for all Participants

Your consultation with your client or patient is over and you simply need to end the call for all participants.

  1. Click the red Hang Up button toward the top of your Coviu call interface.Coviu Call Ending
  2. Click End Call
    Coviu Call Ending options
  3. You have now ended the call.

You're in a Group Call or Meeting and only you are leaving the call.

The Leave Call option is great when you just want to excuse yourself from the call (useful if the call is a meeting) or when an admin person or receptionist will be joining the call to finalize payments or organise a recall appointment. 

  1. Click the red Hang Up button toward the top of your Coviu call interface.
    Coviu Call Ending
  2. Click the Leave call option in the next message (As long as the client is still in the call, you can re-join.)Coviu Call Ending options
  3. This will let the call continue, even if it is taking place in your personal User Room, Team Meeting Room or Waiting Area. It's like leaving your office behind for others to finalise a meeting. Once the client leaves, however, they won't be able to get back in.

Note: download any documents that are needed to be saved before you Leave call or End call as they will not be saved on Coviu. This is true for the client as well. 

If End call is clicked and documents have not been saved the will be lost