How to sign your HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

This article runs through how to install and sign the HIPAA BAA Form.

Last updated: Sept 2021


If you are looking to learn more about Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), please refer to this help article first

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How to Install

1) Install the BAA form to your Coviu account from the App Marketplace from here.  Click on the menu option and once you are in the next screen click on install. See images below.


HIPAA Agreement Addon Installation

2) Once installed, return to your Coviu account. From your Coviu Dashboard, select Apps from the left hand menu, scroll down until you see the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement App listed as follows. 

3) Click the Details button to then fill out your information into the HIPAA BAA form to complete the signup process.
4) Select the Configure Tab to enter the Configuration settings for the App.
HIPAA Agreement Addon Configuration
HIPAA Addon Agreement

* Note that the date at which the form was last accessed will also be displayed.
** You can also View and Download Coviu's HIPAA report for reference. 

4) Once you have submitted the form, you will receive proof of the BAA form to the email provided which you can store for your own record keeping.

HIPAA Agreement Document

*This is an example of the HIPA BAA form that you will receive. 
** Subject Line of Email: HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with Coviu Global Pty Ltd


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