Troubleshooting Your Halaxy Integration

This article outlines a number of tips and tricks in the event you experience any issues with your Coviu and Halaxy integration.

Last Updated: May 2022


  • Coviu can be integrated into your Halaxy account to enable easy telehealth consultation bookings.
  • Click here to learn more about the integration.

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  1. My client is calling but I can't see them
  2. My appointment doesn't have a blue Online Appointment link
  3. My client is not getting the email link I am sending from Halaxy
  4. My calls aren't working when I try to run them directly from Coviu
  5. More support options

My client is calling but I can't see them in my call manager

  • The root cause of this is usually because you and your client or patient are not using the same link to access the call.
  • The integration with Halaxy uses what we call Session links (from our Scheduled Sessions feature). The link provided to you after you make a Coviu booking through your Halaxy platform is a session link. Ensure you use that link to join the call with your client or patient.
  • This article gives further information on session links versus User Room links.
  • Make sure that the link Halaxy is sending out is a session link rather than a static User Room link.

My appointment doesn't have a blue Online Appointment link to click or a send email link

This can be caused by the following;

  • Integration: In order for the system to supply you with these links and buttons you must ensure that you have followed the integrations article to the letter. If you believe you have and it's still not working, redo the entire process by disconnecting the integration in Halaxy and revoking access to the Halaxy application in your Coviu profile. See below screen capture for more information.Halaxy Button Trouble Shoot
  • Patient info: If the integrations have been done correctly then you'll also need to ensure that all fields have been filled in to make the appointment. If you don't have an email address for that client or the duration/price has not been put in the system it may not give you a link.
  • Location: The location needs to be set to 'Online Consultation' or else Halaxy will not know to provide you with a session link. This must be done during the time when you are making the appointment.
  • Timing: The appointment cannot be made in the past and it cannot be made less than 5 minutes in the future.

My client is not getting the email link I'm sending from Halaxy

  • It's critical that the email address supplied from the patient file is correct or else the patient will not receive their session link.
  • If that's not the case, please let Halaxy support know as well as our support. Please additionally allow up to 10 minutes to elapse so that our support staff can see if the emails are not going out at all or if they are experiencing a delay.

The calls aren't working when I try to run them directly from Coviu

  • When making calls through Halaxy, the calls must be made from Halaxy.
  • If you are trying to make calls from the Coviu website, you may encounter issues by accessing the wrong rooms.

More support options

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