Guide to Integrate Coviu and Halaxy

This article describes the Coviu and Halaxy integration and how to connect the two systems together.

Last Updated: May 2022


  • To set up an integration with the Halaxy system, you will need to use either a Standard or Premium plan.
  • Not sure what plan you are using? You can click here to find out.
  • To learn how to use the Coviu and Halaxy integration, click here.
  • To learn how to troubleshoot the Coviu and Halaxy integration, click here.

On this page:

  1. What can I do with the integration?
  2. How to set up the integration?
  3. How to disconnect the integration?
  4. More support options

What can I do with the integration?

This integration allows users of the Halaxy platform to access their Coviu consultations without having to directly sign into their Coviu account and dashboard.

The integration enables a Halaxy user to schedule telehealth consultations embedded with a unique Coviu link or scheduled session link. The link is shared with your client or patient via email from your Halaxy platform.

Halaxy users can then access the scheduled Coviu consultation from within the Halaxy platform. You can also learn more about using the integration from here.

How to set up the integration?

These steps have to be done just once before you are able to make as many online consultation bookings as you need.

  1. Log in to your Coviu and Halaxy accounts on the same web browser.
  2. Within Halaxy and under the left-side menu, expand the Settings section to view configuration options to then click Integrations.
    Halaxy Menu Bar
  3. In the Online Consultation section, click the pencil symbol for Online Appointments to make changes.
    Halaxy Integration Settings
  4. A popup window will then list any Coviu accounts to configure connections. Click on the Link symbol here to connect  your listed account.
    Halaxy Coviu Configuration
  5. You will then be re-directed to Coviu to authorise the connection. If you have multiple Coviu accounts set up with the same sign-in credentials, you may note an additional step to select one from those that are listed to confirm the connection.
    Halaxy Integration Toggle
  6. If the integration has been successful, your Coviu account should now display as  connected under Halaxy Settings and then Integrations as seen below. You can now start using the integration as seen here.
    Halaxy Connect Integration Menu

How to disconnect the integration?

If you are looking to disconnect the Coviu and Halaxy integration, please follow till step (4) and then click the Link symbol to disconnect your listed Coviu account from the Halaxy system.

Halaxy Coviu Configuration

More support options

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