How to use a Whiteboard in call

This article explains how to use the Whiteboard tool in a Coviu call.

To access the Whiteboard tool in a call, you'll need to go to the top right corner of your Coviu call - you will see a Tools+ button.



Click on Tools +, you'll be shown a list of available tools that can be used in call.
Next, click on Add a whiteboard.


Now you can use the Whiteboard. We have different features available when using the Whiteboard. These will come up on the top of your whiteboard. Features available are as follows -

  • Point & move
  • Pen 
  • Highlighter
  • Stickers - smiley emoji, star, thumbs up
  • Text 
  • Sign


To use these, simply click on the feature you'd like to use - and use it by clicking on the whiteboard with your mouse.


To undo something you have done on the Whiteboard, simply click on the Undo feature. 

For help on how to download the content of your Whiteboard, take a look at this help article