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Welcome to Coviu Enterprise

Getting started with Coviu Enterprise

Thank you for choosing Coviu as your all-in-one telehealth solution.

We have worked hard customising our platform to meet the specific needs of your organisation. However, if there is other functionality or features you would like to see, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Coviu for Enterprise is the unique, scalable, telehealth solution that fits seamlessly into your existing business, integrating with your calendars, electronic medical records and workflows.

Most aspects of the digital platform are specially designed to mimic brick and mortar clinics, such as the virtual Waiting Area for patient triage, assessment and treatment.

To better understand your specific role and platform capabilities, check out this article first .

You should also be familiar with the general requirements of hosting a successful video consultation. Read those here.

Some of the enhanced features offered on the
Enterprise solution include: 

  • A Waiting Area feature helping to triage and tend to on-demand callers.
  • Notification features via sms, email or browser notifications for clinicians, reception staff and patients.  
  • Customisable features allowing clinics to set their hours of operation, waiting music, branding and notification settings. 
  • Functional dashboard allowing you to subdivide and monitor multiple clinics.
  • Clinical Governance Capabilities, allowing your clinics to download and export a variety of data reports
  • Advanced capabilities such as inviting guests into a call and transferring guests to another room

You are currently in the Coviu Help Centre, where you can quickly and easily find answers to your questions. Simply type a keyword of your inquiry into the search bar here to find related articles. 

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you can contact us via our online chat or email us at support@coviu.com