Text-only sessions are Coviu calls with no audio and video chat capabilities. You can still continue to use all the in-call features (document sharing, whiteboards etc.) as expected from standard video sessions.

Like video sessions, text-only sessions are secured via end-to-end encryption and messages exchanged in the call are not accessible anywhere except on the session participants' local computers.

The call interface

The image below shows the call interface, with a whiteboard resource being used in the session.

Downloading the chat log

As the chat history is not stored on any servers, it disappears at the end of a session. If you need to store the chat log, however, there is an option to download the chat history while in the call. To do this,

  • Click on the 'download chat' option at the bottom of the page
  • Click on the 'Download' button in the pop-up.

This should download a '.txt' file containing the session log.

Please note that downloading the chat history implies that you have permission from all the participants in the call to retain the call history.

Scheduling text-only sessions

Text-only sessions can be setup using the 'Scheduled Sessions' feature. Once text-only sessions are enabled for your account, they can be setup by selecting the 'Text-only' option while scheduling a new session.

For more details on how 'Scheduled sessions' work, please refer to this help article: https://help.coviu.com/getting-started/features/scheduled-and-paid-sessions

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