Scheduled Sessions

This article explains our Scheduled Sessions feature and how you can use it for simple call scheduling and management

Last Updated: July 2021

NOTE: If you are on a custom Enterprise plan, please speak to your Coviu account representative about having this tool added to your account.

NOTE: To add this tool to your Coviu account, you must be a Coviu account administrator. 


The Scheduled Sessions feature provides another workflow option for holding calls with your clients or patients. By adding Scheduled Sessions to your Coviu account, you will have the ability to schedule calls for your team.

Calls held in a Scheduled Session are similar to holding a call in your User Room or Meeting Room however you now have the option to schedule them. Plus, the link to access a Scheduled Session is unique for each session, providing an extra layer of security. 

To install Scheduled Sessions, head over to our Marketplace and follow the prompts to install it from there. (Enterprise clients please speak to your Coviu account representative.)

Here's what you get with Scheduled Sessions:

Unique call scheduling

Scheduled calls can be configured to occur at a given time and duration for a set of configured host and guest participants. Each participant receives their own, unique entry URL so the only people that will have access to the call will be the invited participants - which makes it great for conducting scheduled consultations.

Call calendar

Scheduled sessions provide an easy to use calendar that allows you to see your upcoming sessions, and to schedule new sessions with a minimum of fuss.

Works with payments

When coupled with the Client Payments add-on, you can easily charge for your consultations. Simply add a fee to a participant when scheduling the session, and the client will be required to make the payment before being able to join the call. They can pay in advance of the consultation, or at any time prior to the call.

Being paid for your consultations has never been easier!


  1. What if I am running late to join my client or patient? Does the unique session link timeout?
    1. The unique session link remains accessible and can be used for the duration of the Scheduled Session. It only expires once the duration is over. 
  2. What if my consultation is running overtime? Does the session timeout?
    1. No. As long as you stay connected in session, it will continue for as long as you need it to.
  3. Can my patient or client join a Scheduled Session early?
    1. A client or patient can join a Scheduled Session link within 5 mins left for the scheduled session to actually start.
  4. Can I reuse a Scheduled Session link?
    1. No. One of the main features of Scheduled Sessions is that the access link is unique for each session. If you would like a workflow that has a permanent room link for each consult, consider using your User Room link.
  5. Can I schedule recurring appointments for my client?
    1. You can schedule as many appointments as you like for your client or patient as far into the future as you need to go, however, we do not currently have an option for a "one-touch" recurring appointment maker. This is on our list for future development.