Taking Payments when using Scheduled Sessions

This article describes how you can take a payment from a client when using the Scheduled Sessions feature.

Last Updated: Nov 2021


  • The Scheduled Sessions feature comes standard in our:
    • Standard plan (and older Professional plans)
    • Premium plan (and older Clinic plans)
    • Enterprise plans.
  • The feature can be purchased to use in the Essentials (and older Starter plans). Visit our App Marketplace to find out more.
  • Not sure what plan you are on? Click here to learn more.
  • Payments less than $1.00 may be met with an error stating: 'There was an error in this transaction, please ask [payee name] to try again]

On This Page:

  1. What is Scheduled Sessions and pre-payments?
  2. How do I configure for taking payments?
  3. How does it work?
  4. Transaction fees.
  5. More support options

What is Scheduled Sessions and pre-payments?

The Scheduled Sessions app provides an alternative way for you and your client to securely access a call.

The Scheduled Sessions app allows you to assign a unique link to a consultation which only works for the duration of that consultation. This will differ from your Waiting Area link which always remains the same or similarly, if you use your User Room link which always remains the same. To learn more about the Scheduled Sessions app, click here.

In this article, we will cover how to attach a pre-payment request to a Scheduled Session which requires the client to pay prior to entering the call.

This feature is great for those consultations where you might have a fixed fee for a service and you choose to charge for that service up front.

How do I configure Scheduled Sessions for taking payments?

  1. Add the Scheduled Sessions app to your Coviu account from our App Marketplace (if it is not already included in your chosen plan, see Notes at the top of this article)
  2. Sign up for a Stripe account to take payments.
  3. Configure your Stripe account to work with your Coviu account.

How does it work?

  1. When scheduling a session, you simply attach a fee to a participant.Scheduled Session Fee
  2. When your client/patient clicks their unique URL to access their consult, they are prompted to provide payment details (processed securely with Stripe using your connected Stripe account)
  3. Once the payment has been received, the client/patient is then allowed to join the call as normal.
  4. Payment can be made at any time prior to the call.

Applicable Transaction Fees

Coviu and Stripe charge per-transaction when using Stripe with Coviu.

  • Click here to view the Stripe and Coviu Transaction fees.
  • Click here to find out what plan you are on.

More Support Options

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Author: KM