Client Payments using Stripe

Collect Client Payments as part of your call workflow

The Client Payments add-on addresses one of the great problems of holding online consultations - getting paid.

With Client Payments activated, it is possible for you to easily take payments from your clients as part of the call workflow by connecting your Stripe account with your Coviu account.

How it works

  1. When scheduling a session, you simply attach a fee to a participant.
  2. When the participant goes to their unique URL, they are prompted to provide payment details (processed securely with Stripe using your connected Stripe account)
  3. Once the payment has been received, the participant is then allowed to join the call as normal.
  4. Payment can be made at any time prior to the call.


Payments processed using the Client Payments add-on are subject to applicable Stripe fees and a Coviu processing fee of  2.5% for the Starter Plan and 1.5% for Professional and Clinic Plans.

Compatible addons

Client payments is designed to work with the following Coviu addons to allow for a seamless client experience.

Note: Payments less than $1.00 may be met with an error stating: 'There was an error in this transaction, please ask [payee name] to try again]