How to set up your Stripe account with Coviu

This article describes how to set up a Stripe account and link it to your Coviu account.

Last Updated: May 2021

NOTE: You will need to have Administrator access to configure the Client Payments function and link your Stripe payment account to Coviu account.

NOTE: Coviu and Stripe charge per-transaction when using Stripe with Coviu. Fees are:

  • Starter Plan 2.5%
  • Professional Plan 1.5%
  • Clinic Plan 1.5% 

Click here to find out what plan you are on.


  1. Sign up to Stripe and create your account.
    1. Coviu has partnered with payment gateway provider, Stripe.
    2. In order to facilitate payments through Coviu, you will need to have a Stripe account.
  2. Once you have set up your Stripe account, sign into your Coviu account as you normally would.
  3. When in your account, click on Configure in the left hand menu.
  4. Click the Client payments tabClient Payment tab
  5. Stripe is the only option so please click the Select button.Client Payment Stripe Selection
  6. Simply click Connect with Stripe.


You have completed another Coviu help article and you now know how to link your Stripe account with your Coviu account.

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