How to update your Coviu user profile

This article explains how to update your Coviu user profile including sign-in email, password, username authorised application integrations.

Last Updated: Sept 2021

Follow these steps to make changes to your Coviu user profile:

  1. Click on the down-facing arrow next to your displayed name found on the top right side of the Coviu dashboard. The drop-down menu will then expand options to: Edit your profile or Sign out.Coviu profile Drop down selection
  2. Click the Edit your profile option to make changes to your Coviu user profile.Profile Options
  3. From the Edit your profile page, you can update and save the following items:
    1. You can upload or change your profile photo
      (photo should be at least 300 px x 300 px).
    2. You can change your displayed name
      (first and last).
    3. You can update your email address used for sign-in.
    4. You can update your password used for sign in. 
    5. You can update your username.
    6. You can also manage permissions with other applications that have been authorised with your Coviu user profile.

      Coviu User Profile Details



  • Make sure to Save after making any changes.
  • Your chosen Username will be used to create your personalised User Room link. 
  • Any authorized applications listed can be Revoked from here.  


  • Each Coviu user should have their own unique email address or login email address.
  • An email address should not be shared across multiple users. 


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Author: KI