Enterprise - Account Creation Prerequisites

This checklist describes the technical and marketing prerequisites required for creating an Enterprise account.

Last updated: Mar 2021

NOTE: These activities should be performed by someone with access / admin permissions to perform DNS entries to the domain you provide to Coviu.

Creating your custom sub-Domain name

What is this?

This is the process where we jointly create and configure the URL where your practitioners will log into Coviu.

What do we need from you?

  1. Appoint a custom sub-domain to host your platform on e.g. telehealth.companyname.com.au (Do not create the sub-domain yet!)
    1. Why do we use the sub-domain and not the root domain?
      1. We ask for a sub-domain because we work with the CNAME record which isn't normally allowed on the root domain.
    2. But can I use a root domain?
      1. The use of a root domain depends on your DNS provider. If you are using Route53, or a provider who supports it, you can use an ALIAS record, which does work on the root domain.

✔️ Do not create the domain until we have provided you with the necessary configuration items.

    What will we do once we have these details?

    1. Raise an SSL certificate for the account
    2. Provide you with the necessary DNS entries for SSL certificate and CNAME entries

    Creating and Configuring your Enterprise Platform

    What is this?

    This is the process where we create your platform and configure it with some of your custom items such as marketing assets; logo, favicon, colour palette etc.

    What do we need from you?

    1. Your custom logo & favicon for your chosen domain
      1. Preferred size for logo image - 240px wide (best as a rectangle)
      2. Preferred favicon size - 16 x 16px
    2. Your custom colours for the login page to match your company colours
      1. Click here for a document showing what items can be white-labelled within Coviu
      2. See screen capture below for white-labelling options on the log-in page
    3. A custom Email Address from which to send system generated emails:
      1. Please provide an email address from which account emails originate
      2. Coviu can provide a DNS record for DCIM email validation

    OPTIONAL - Custom SMS sender name / short code:

    • You may provide Coviu with a custom SMS short code/sender name (e.g. company name)
    • Maximum 11 characters
    • Coviu may add a short code from where the SMS is sent


    White-labelling options for the log-in page:

    Enterprise Login Screen


    Author: KM