How to determine your in-call bandwidth connection

Using the new 'traffic light' Bandwidth indicator

Coviu has released a new feature that will assist users with identifying their in-call bandwidth connection to other parties.

Once you enter into the video call, you will see a small, coloured dot representing a traffic light on the bottom right of your video when connected with patients or peers.

This ‘traffic light’ feature on the video display indicates the quality of your internet connection to them. Green is good, yellow is ok, red is bad.

Click the traffic light to see the actual bandwidth available within the connection.

Upload refers to the amount of bits that you are sending out and download is the amount of bits you are receiving. A minimum of 350Kbps is required for both upload and download in a video call – anything below this will lead to drop-outs.



This feature offers a quick way for users to check whether the bandwidth is sufficient or not. If a yellow or red dot is showing, you and the other party can make necessary adjustments such as:

  • Switching wifi networks
  • Moving to a better location
  • Reducing the video quality to maintain a stable audio connection

To check your bandwidth before holding a Coviu call, please do an Internet speed test here .