Virtual Waiting Area Improvements

Some exciting improvements have arrived to your Virtual Waiting Area!

Waiting Area & Configuration Menu

You now have the ability to personalise your view as well as have better visualisation and editing of caller information. With new advanced filtering and column sorting, clinics have many more options for managing a busy waiting area!

  • A new look and feel to your Waiting Area!

  • The ‘Enable Waiting Area’ toggle has moved under the General Configuration section.

  • There is a 'Save' button for each independent section to avoid inadvertent changes being saved. A prompt will also be shown if you have forgotten to save your changes.

  • Sort columns for non-standard fields in the Waiting Area.

  • Improved filtering, including the ability to filter any fields, and multiple fields at once.

  • All call details can be seen in the 'Call Details' modal.

  • Users can select the three dots to access call details, as well as update editable fields for any guest.

  • Users can hover over the participants' counter to see who is currently in a call.
  • Call detail changes have been added to the new look Call Activity log.

Waiting Area Configuration Menu for Entry Fields

With the advanced options for Entry Fields in the Configuration Menu, you are able to choose between patient-entered fields as well as new internal use only fields.

  • 'First Name' and 'Last Name' will now always be added as fields. 

  • The following behaviour and information for 'Name' and 'Label' fields have been updated to behave as:

    • 'Name' is the field name as seen in the Waiting Area column view, Call Activity log, and Call Details modal. 

    • 'Label' is the field name displayed to the guest/patient when they are joining the Waiting Area. 

  • New field types are available, so now you’ll be able to choose from an array of field types including:

    • Text

    • Text Area

    • Number

    • Phone Number

    • Email

    • Checkbox

    • Hidden
    • Dropdown

      • The Dropdown field has associated colours that are visible in the Waiting Area if selected. 

    • Lookup - Team Member or Practitioner

      • This will allow the selection of a user from a dropdown field.

      • A user can choose the Team Member list or the Practitioner list (Practitioner List is only visible if Customer Connect is installed). 

      • The Team Member list is a list of all Clinic Team Members (Admins and Team Members).

      • The Practitioner list is a list of all users who are set up as Practitioners in the Customer Connect area.

  • There are new attributes to Entry fields including:

    • Internal Use Only

      • If set to true, this field will not be available for the caller to populate when they join the Waiting Area.

      • If set to false, this field will be available for the caller to populate when they join the Waiting Area. 

    • Editable

      • If set to true, Waiting Area users will be able to make changes to that specific field for callers in the Waiting Area.

    • Filterable

      • If set to true, this field can be filtered in the Waiting Area.

  • It is also possible to sort the order of columns that appear in the Waiting Area. However, a user can override the order with their personal choice of configuration when viewing the Waiting Area.

  • There is no limit applied to how many fields a clinic can add to the Waiting Area.

Plus check out our help articles for more information:


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Updated 10/03/23