Coviu Camera Diagnostics

How to test your Internet connection, your browser and your camera to make sure Coviu can run smoothly

What are the requirements? 

  1. Have a working camera
  2. Be on a sufficient Internet connection
  3. Have a compatible browser or application
  4. Not be behind a firewall

For a quick comprehensive test, try: 

You’re ready to go when it all turns green.

If there is any trouble, here are some things you can check.


Coviu Camera Set-up.

The camera is the most important part of Coviu video consultations. 

Some machines may be old and do not have in-built cameras.

At a basic level Coviu needs access to your camera to work. Coviu requires permission to access the camera - and sometimes this gets confusing.

Here is a help article to assist if your camera is not working due to access and permissions.

If you are still having trouble accessing your camera in Coviu then here are some steps to follow as it might be your internet connection, your browser, your firewall - or perhaps you have forgotten to take the cap off the camera.

Step 1 - Check internet connectivity.

Run a speed test to check your download and upload speed.

If your upload speed is more than 1Mbps you will be able to share resources without a problem.

If your upload speed is less than 600kbps you might struggle to upload your screen shares but you should be able to share image and pdf resources.

If your upload is less that 300kbps you will probably not be able to share or receive shared resources.

Step 2 - Check for Firewalls

Coviu does what it can to through firewalls, sometimes in a corporate environment the network administrators have set up some very tight network rules. This NEVER happens at home.

If there are firewalls that do not allow you to connect a video call, Coviu will continuously try to find a way but may ultimately not be able to connect.

You will need to ask the network administrator of the corporate organisation to adapt their network configuration. Here is a help article for this:

Step 3 - Browser Capability

Coviu is compatible with all web browsers. Using a recommended browser as per your device can lead to a smoother call experience. 

Screen sharing can only be done if all call participants are using the same browser (when using Firefox & Safari).

So please ask you clients what browser they are in and match it to your own.

Step 4 - Camera capture within your browser.

To test if your browser is capturing your Camera correctly go to your browser settings

Settings -> Advanced -> Content Settings -> Camera (or Microphone)

And see if your external camera has permission to run in your browser.

Step 5 - Camera Capture

Remove cap from camera

To check if your camera is working within Coviu test the camera at this link

If you are still having hardware issues they can be addressed here: