How to configure Automated Messages

This article describes how a Coviu Account Administrator can create Automated Messages to be displayed to the patients/clients who are waiting in the Waiting Area. The messages can be set to display at specific time points during the wait.


  • This feature applies to customers subscribed to these plans:
    • Our 2-week Free Trial plan
    • Standard plan
    • Premium plan
    • Older Clinic plans
    • Enterprise Plans
  • Note sure what plan you are on? Click here to find out. 

Automated Messages are a great way to get messages to your patient/client while they are waiting in your virtual Waiting Area. Examples could include:

  • We will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.
  • Our clinic hours are....
  • The clinic will be closed on the public holiday...
  • Did you know we do travel immunisations... etc etc

To configure the messages, click Configure in the side menu. Then click Waiting Area.

Waiting area tab


Scroll down to Automated Messages and click the down arrow Down Arrowand then click Add.

Automated message addition


Message #2 will appear and you will be able to add your text and choose the time elapsed before playing.

Setting Automated Messages


When you no longer want a message to be displayed, click the Remove button.