How to Use the Coviu and MyHealth1st Integration

Healthcare professionals can now add a Coviu Waiting Area or User Room link to their Telehealth appointments through MyHealth1st for seamless bookings.

Last Updated: July 2022

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  1. What is the Coviu and MyHealth1st Integration?
  2. How to add a room link to your MyHealth1st bookings
  3. More support options

What is the Coviu and MyHealth1st Integration?

This integration allows practices to connect their Coviu telehealth functionality with their existing Practice Management System and standard bookings workflow via MyHealth1st.

Through the MyHealth1st and Coviu integration, patients or clients booking online for a telehealth consult will automatically be provided with the necessary details to connect to their call, reducing administrative effort for the practice and reducing no-shows for appointments.

MyHealth1st integrates with these Practice Management Systems:

  • Optomate Premier
  • Optomate Touch
  • Sunix
  • Genie
  • BlueChip
  • Shexie
  • FrontDesk
  • PPMP
  • Helix
  • Nookal
  • StatHealth
  • Best Practice

Visit MyHealth1st to find out more.

How to add a room link to your MyHealth1st bookings

Practitioners can simply copy and paste their Coviu room link into their Telehealth Setup in MyHealth1st. Once this has been done, patients will be able to book telehealth appointments through MyHealth1st. Follow the below instructions to get started:

Note: for telehealth bookings to be activated, practices must be subscribed to MyHealth1st OnlineAppointments.

  1. Sign in to your MyHealth1st account.
  2. Sign in to your Coviu account.
  3. Copy your preferred Coviu room link. Depending on the Coviu plan to which you have subscribed as well as your preferred practice workflow, you will either be using your own personal User Room, the Reception Room, or a Waiting Area.

    If you have subscribed to the Essentials plan with Coviu, your Coviu room links are found on the left side menu of the dashboard. Click here for the instructions showing how to tell what plan you are on.
  4. Select the appropriate room (e.g. Reception, and click on the word Reception, not the Enter button. When the Reception room opens, click the Copy Link button as shown below.)How to Use the Coviu and myhealth1st Integration-1
    If you have opted for a Standard or Premium plan, you can access your Waiting Area link by clicking Waiting Area on the left side menu and clicking Copy Link in the right column as shown below.
    How to Use the Coviu and myhealth1st Integration 1-2
  5. Paste the link into your MyHealth1st account. Navigate into your Practice Admin page. Click on the Settings button in the navigation bar. This will take you to the Practice Settings page. Alternatively, you can click on the Action button and choose Edit from the drop-down menu to navigate to the Settings page.
  6. On the left side of the page, click on Telehealth Appointments. In this section, under the Practice-manager telehealth details section, you can add your Coviu room link. If you cannot see the field labelled Practice-managed telehealth details set the toggle labelled Enable Myhealth1st EasyTelehealth appointments to the off position as shown below.
    How to Use the Coviu and myhealth1st Integration 2
  7. And that's it! Now, when a patient books a telehealth appointment through the MyHealth1st marketplace or a MyHealth1st booking button, the patient will then automatically be sent a link to the room or waiting area in their confirmation email.

More support options

You have completed another Coviu help article. You now know how to use the Coviu and MyHealth1st integration.

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