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Set up Online Appointment Bookings

...using Coviu managed appointments


Coviu offers an online appointment booking portal for accounts on the Professional tier and above. It allows you to put a button on your Website and have patients book video sessions with clinicians from a list of services.

This feature can only be configured by an account admin.

To set it up, go to the "CONFIGURE" item in your Dashboard, then click the "Customer Connect" tab. Make sure you have the "Customer Connect" Add-on installed in the "Addons" tab, otherwise the "Customer Connect" tab will not appear.

 Configure the bookings feature



Scroll down to the "Bookings" module, turn it on and then select "Configure":



You now have an option to activate the Coviu booking feature. Select "Coviu Appointments":



There are now 6 easy steps to get your online bookings feature set up.



Step 1 - Account settings

There's only one setting you have to pick - it's to select the minimum duration of sessions that you want to offer clients to book online. This creates time slots for your days which patients can pick.



Step 2 - Adding appointment types

Add all the types of appointments that you want to offer to patients by clicking on the
"+ Add Appointment type" button:



You can now provide details for this appointment type including a name, description, the duration and the cost:



You can add as many different appointment types as you wish. Simply follow the above step to add more appointment types:



Step 3 - Adding practitioners

Add all the practitioners from your team for whom you want to offer online bookings.
A practitioner is a team member of your Coviu account. 

Set up a practitioners by clicking on the
"+ Add practitioner" button:



Now select your user


Then click "Save". This will automatically ask you to confirm that this user is a practitioner and a calendar needs to be set up for them:



The next part is very important as it requires you to provide more details about the practitioner and lists the services they provide.

Click on the name of the practitioner in the list of practitioner. Then fill in the following details one by one:



Once you have these details filled in, activate the "Allow online bookings" for the clinician.
Then fill in the times during which the clinician is available for video sessions:



Finally, you will need to select from the "Services provided" section which of the appointment types that you defined earlier this clinician is offering.
You can select all or some of the appointment types. Use "Command+click" on a Mac or "Ctrl+click" on  a PC to select the individual options. Then click save.



To add another practitioner repeat step 3.

Well done. You have now set up the types of service you want to provide, the duration, the cost and the user providing the service. 

Now let's set up the details that a client/patient has to provide when making a booking. This is the patient intake form.


Step 4 - Booking Options

First there are a couple of setup steps - the "Lead time" says how much notification time a clinician gets for a booking, i.e. 15min lead time means that a patient/client can't book a consultation before 15min from now.

The "Service labeling" gives you a chance to give the appointment type a different name - it could be a "Service" or a "Consultation" or a "Treatment".

Then you can set up a notice for when there are just no available appointments for a day/time that a patient selected. For example, you can provide a phone number they can call.



Finally, you can add/remove extra fields for the patient intake form that you want them to provide. Such as what company they work for and where that company is located.

This might end up looking something like this:



Step 5 - Confirmation Email

In this section, you can customise the email received by your clients/patients after they book the service.



Coviu has a draft email that you can fill out with extra text through this form. Here's what the email draft will look like - note where the different additional text pieces can be added:


Step 6 - Sharing

Finally, you have finished all the setup! Congratulations!

Now, all you need to do is put a booking button on your Website. You can do this either through the "Sharing" option here, or through "Customer Connect". Customer Connect includes the link to online bookings.

This is where you format the booking button for your website. Simply adjust the text in the highlighted box and the button and text colour.



Then, to embed the button into your website, simply copy and paste the code below.



Don't forget to press SAVE.

You can test the booking functionality at
https://[account].coviu.com/app/book/appointment .