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Coviu Clinic - How to send notifications to waiting patients

This article describes how to send a notification to a patient or client who may be waiting in your virtual Waiting Area.

This feature might come in handy if you need to notify the patient/client of something important such as the practitioner running late. It is important to note that the patient/client cannot respond to the notification.

This task can be undertaken by any User of the Coviu system however it would most likely be performed by a staff member who is assigned to manage the Waiting Area e.g. a receptionist or admin staff member.

Let's get started:

Once the patient has arrived in your Waiting Area, click Notify. Note the '1' next to the Waiting Area menu item signaling there is 1 person in the Waiting Area.

Notification Button for Waiting Area


A message window will open into which you can write a brief sentence such as 'We are running 5 minutes late' or 'Please have your credit card details ready'.

This message will appear on the patient's screen whilst they are waiting to be picked up.

Popup to send patient a message