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How to Send a Notification to Clients or Patients in the Waiting Area

This article describes how to send a notification to a client or patient who may be waiting in your virtual Waiting Area.

Last Updated: Dec 2021


  • This feature applies to the virtual Waiting Area feature which is available on these plans:
    • Premium
    • Older Clinic plans
    • Enterprise plans.
    • It is also available during your free, two-week trial.
  • Not sure which plan you are on? Click here to find out.

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  2. How do I send a notification?
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What are Notifications and when would I use it?

This feature might come in handy if you need to notify the patient/client of something important such as the practitioner running late. It is important to note that the patient/client cannot respond to the notification.

This task can be undertaken by any User of the Coviu system however it would most likely be performed by a staff member who is assigned to manage the Waiting Area e.g. a receptionist or admin staff member.

How do I send a Notification?

  1. Sign in to Coviu as you normally would.
  2. Note the numeral '1' next to the Waiting Area menu item signalling there is 1 person in the Waiting Area.
  3. Once the patient has arrived in your Waiting Area, click the three dots on the right hand end of the patient listing.
  4. Click Notify.
  5. Type your message into text box as shown in the example below:
  6. Your client or patient will receive that message on their device. The example below is from an Android phone.
  7. Your client or patient will be admitted into the call when the clinician is ready.


  1. Do I get this feature if I am on the Essentials, Standard, older Starter or Professional plans?
    1. No. This is a feature of the virtual Waiting Area which is only available in the Premium or Enterprise plans. It is also available to you to trial when you take advantage of our free, 2-week trail. If you choose the Starter or Professional plans at the end of your free trial, then you will not have access to the virtual Waiting Area or this Notifications feature. 
  2. Can my client or patient send a message back to me?
    1. At this stage no however, stay tuned as this is on our roadmap.
  3. IS there an extra charge for me sending a notification?
    1. No. This is a feature built into the cost of your plan.

More Support Options

You have completed another Coviu help article. You now know how to send a notification to a waiting client or patient.

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Author: KM