How to Test Your Hardware for a Telehealth Call

This article describes how to test that your hardware is ready to make a successful telehealth call. The activities in this article can be undertaken by everyone.

Last Updated: July 2022

On this page:

  1. The Coviu Precall Test
  2. Hardware options
  3. More support options

The Coviu Precall Test

The Coviu Precall Test provides healthcare providers and clients/patients with an option to test their devices prior to entering a call. You do not need to be logged into Coviu to use the test as it can be conducted independently.

The test will also be present at various points when you are joining a call. See the below screen capture showing a client/patient joining a call on an Android phone. You will be presented with similar options for other devices.

On the Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan, you will have access to the Perform A Precall Test button on the top right corner of the Waiting Area.

Hardware options

  • Most modern computing devices will be capable of making a Telehealth call. We recommend any device that includes a camera, microphone and speakers.
  • Ensure your web browser is one of our recommended options and always keep it up to date.
  • If you are not sure what to use, visit this page to view a few hardware recommendations.
  • For hardware troubleshooting options, visit this page.

More support options

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