Recording your consultations

This article describes how to install, configure and use the Consultation Recording add-on to record your calls.

Last Updated: Sept 2021


  • If you are on our Enterprise plan, please consult your Telehealth Coordinator or contact your Coviu Account Manager at the first instance.


  1. Can I record video or is it audio only?
    1. Yes, you can record video as well as audio.
  2. How do I get consent from my client or patient?
    1. Consent is built into the feature. Your client or patient will need to provide consent prior to starting the recording. 
  3. What Format is the recording saved in?
    1. Recordings are provided in .webm format.
  4. What is the best Media player to view the recordings?
    1. VLC is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player which can be used for playback.
  5. Will the recording include my shared resources such as the whiteboard or Pearson assessments?
    1. No. The video recording feature can only capture the video feed of the host and any guests in the call.
    2. You should download any shared resources you create prior to ending the call. 


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    How do I install the Consultation Recording feature?

    To record your calls in Coviu, your account administrator must first install the Consultation Recording add-on from our Marketplace.

    Consultation Recording Addon

    What are the Configuration options?

    To make changes to the configuration options:

    1. You will need to be an Account Administrator to access the configuration options for Consultation Recording.
    2. If you are an Administrator, you will see the Add-Ons menu option in the left-hand menu. Click Add-Ons.

      Consultation Recording Settings
    3. Scroll down to find Consultation Recording and click the Details button on the right-hand side. Click the Configure section from the pop-up menu.  You have a number of configuration options to choose from which are explained in the menu.

      Consultation Recording Configuration

    4. Once you have made any selections that you would like to have enabled, make sure to Save your changes.


    How do I use the Video Recording feature?

    1. Commence your call or consult as you normally would.
    2. When you are ready, click the Rec button on the top right of the call screen. 

      Local Record Button
    3. You will then be presented with the option to choose your recording type: Audio or Video. Click Continue to confirm your selection.

      Recording Type

    4. You will then be presented with the option to Request Consent from any active call participants.

      Request Concent Button
    5. The following message will appear from the right side of the call screen for all participants. It will show up as "______ wants to record: Do you consent to video/audio being recorded?". They can either accept or deny the consent request.

      Recording Consent
    6. Once all participants have consented, you will be notified and at which time, you can click Start Recording.

      Start Recording
    7. Once the recording has started, the Rec button will actively blink throughout the recording duration to signal to all participants that they are being recorded. 

      Rec Button
    8. When you are finished with the call or would like to end the recording, click Stop Recording. The recording will then be made available to download to your local device.
      Stop Recording Button
    9. Once a recording has ended, you can re-select your recording type from the same menu to start a new recording.

    How do I download the recording?


    • Automatic Cloud Storage applies to audio-only recordings if enabled by your Coviu account administrator.
    • Video recordings will be stored only on your local device.
    1. To download the recording, for example, to add to a patient file, click the download button. Record Download Button In the picture below, it is the button closest to the text 'call_recording...'.
    2. Once it is downloaded to your local device, you can choose to save it in an appropriate spot or, add it to a patient file.

      Recording Listing 


    What if I still need help?

      • Use the Help chat bubble on this page to get in touch.

      • Check out our other Contact options on this page

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