Can I Customise my Coviu Clinic?

This help article describes what customisation options are available to you in your Coviu plan.

Last Updated: Jan 2022


  • These functions apply to these plans:
    • Standard
    • Premium
    • older Clinic plans 
  • Not sure what plan you are on? Click here to find out.
  • To undertake these activities you will need to be the Coviu Account Administrator for your Clinic.


  1. Can I add a logo to my Coviu Clinic?

    1. You can add a logo to the Call Interface (see item 3 in the below screen capture)

  2. Can I add a logo to the Waiting Room feature? (The Waiting Room is the step before you Accept your client or patient into a call with you.) 

    1. No.

  3. Can I include a logo in my invitation emails?

    1. No.

What items can I customise?

The items you can configure are primarily limited to the Call Interface. Follow the instructions below and the numbered items to see what you can change:

  1. Enter your Coviu account as you normally would.
  2. Click Configure in the left hand menu.
  3. Click the Call Interface tab.

Options you can customise:

  1. Change the the Tools+ button colour Tool Button
  2. Change the Call Interface background colour
    1. NOTE: The three colour choices for background are based on Accessibility standards. No other colours can be chosen.
  3. Upload your logo. This will be displayed at the bottom of the Call Interface next to the Help button.
    1. NOTE: The logo is best displayed in a rectangle format.
  4. Upload splash image. The splash image will be shown briefly to client and healthcare provider while the call is loading. Recommended size: 3800 x 2290.
  5. Support settings. We recommend you leave this turned on so you can access our support services during a call.
  6. SAVE!! Don't forget to click save when done.

You have completed another Coviu help article. You now know how to customise your call interface.

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If you still require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Customer Success team using any of the contact methods available here.


Author: SO