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Coviu Clinic - How it Works

The process flow of Coviu's Clinic solution

Last updated: Sept 2021


Before you get started, it is important to understand the workflow and functionality of the clinic package. 

Each day before your first appointment or when you are troubleshooting, please ensure you run the Coviu pre call test https://tools.coviu.com/precall/  to detect software, hardware or bandwidth any issues.

1. Book patient appointments in your practice management software, as per usual.

You can take your appointment bookings as per usual, whether is it via an online booking button, phone or email. Enter them into your practice management software, as normal.

2. The patient enters your online waiting area at appointment time.

Whilst configuring your waiting area, you will be asked to share your waiting area to patients via a link, a button on your website or embedding it into a page. 

This is your 'front door', where your patients can enter your clinic and wait to be seen.

3. The patient arrives in the waiting area.

Once the patient enters the waiting area, they will appear in your dashboard and you can message, triage and accept their calls from there.

Patient waiting area


4. Clinic staff receive SMS, desktop and email notifications upon patient entry.

Clinic staff who are subscribed to notifications will receive them once a patient enters the waiting area. This ensures incoming patients are attended to in a timely manner.

5. Send notifications to patients who are waiting.

Click 'notify' on the patient you want to message. You can then write a brief sentence such as 'We are running 5 minutes late' or 'Please have your credit card details ready'.

This message will appear on the patient's screen whilst they are waiting to be picked up.


Waiting room message


6. Reception picks up patient for triage, payment, intake forms etc.

Reception staff can pick up a waiting caller by clicking 'Join call' in the waiting area. The patient will automatically be marked as 'being seen' when they are speaking with reception.

7. Reception puts patient back in waiting area

Once they have finished with payment, intake forms or whatever else they may need to do, they will put the caller back in the waiting area.

This is done by clicking the red 'hang up' button followed by 'leave call'.

The patient will then be marked 'on hold', as they are waiting to be picked up by the clinician.


Hang Up Button Patient leave call options


Please note, if you click 'End call' you will end the call for all participants and the clinician will not be able to retrieve this patient from the waiting area. 

8. Practitioner picks up the call when ready

After the patient has been seen by reception, the practitioner will be notified that they are ready. The practitioner can then pick their patient up from the waiting area by also clicking 'join call'.


You have completed another Coviu help article. You now know how Coviu Clinic works.

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